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Year 6

Science Week - January 2020


The Y6 children have really enjoyed their recent science topic, all about evolution and inheritance. For their investigation, they planned and carried out an experiment to find out, 'Which of the finches found in the Galapagos islands has the most well-adapted beak?' The children worked together in teams to plan, hypothesise, measure and record their findings before writing up their conclusions. Well done Y6!

Spring 1 2019-2020


Please see our curriculum newsletter below for our Spring 1 coverage. 


Miss Kingdon


Y6 teacher

Spring 1 curriculum newsletter

General Election - December 2019


In the lead up to the General Election the children learned  all about the democratic process and how elections work in the UK. They started the week by finding out about how people are chosen to become members of parliament and how decisions are made in our country. The children looked at the manifestos from some of the main parties in Britain and talked about which issues they agreed and disagreed with. They then created their own parties, slogans and manifestos before presenting these to the class. Then. on polling day, every child in Y6 visited our Wisewood Polling Station and voted for the party they thought had the best manifesto. Well done to our winners - The Element Party - we think you could give some MPs in parliament a run for their money!

VE Day Celebration - December 2019


To celebrate the end of our World War 2 topic, the children in Y6 held their own VE Day parties. They baked ration-friendly shortbread and decorated the school hall in preparation then performed songs and their own lindy hop dances for parents and family members. Well done!

Heart Dissection - November 2019


We were very lucky to have Dr Harris from Tapton School deliver a science lesson during which the children were able to dissect a real heart! This supported our recent learning on the circulatory system and the Y6 pupils really impressed Dr Harris with their knowledge. Well done Y6!

Autumn 2 2019-2020


Please see our curriculum newsletter below for our Autumn 2 coverage. 


Miss Kingdon


Y6 teacher

Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Kingswood - October 2019


Our Y6 residential was absolutely fantastic. The children were supportive, brave and so much fun. We are so proud of them!

Autumn 1 2019-2020


Please see our curriculum newsletter below for our Autumn 1 coverage. 


Miss Kingdon


Y6 teacher

Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter