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Year 5

Science Week Jan 2020 - Animals Including Humans


We spent much of our first two weeks of January learning about animals and humans. We looked at the way animals grow and change over time. We looked at reproduction in different types of animals, linking it to our understanding of habitats, food chains and life-cycles. We examined human and other mammal foetal development and changes in humans from embryo to foetus to baby, child, adolescent, adult and elderly. To gain a deeper understanding of sexual and asexual reproduction, we compared it to flowering plants, including dissection. 


We also took part in an exciting project from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine examining microbes in our classroom in an effort to fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Our swabs will now be developing in their labs and we look forward to receiving the results later in the year alongside visits from Tapton Secondary School's Science department who got us involved.Swab and Send.

Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1



Our Autumn 2 history topic was Ancient Mayans. We compared their culture and technology to that of other ancient civilisations and explored their folk tales to inspire our own fable writing in English. We had a go at playing their ancient ball game 'Pok Ta Pok' (without the customary beheadings for the losing team- though we did have a few injuries, striking a ball with your hips is not easy!) We also looked at the history of chocolate, the Mayan and Aztec stories of their chocolatey god Quetzalcoatl and had a taste of the authentic Mayan 'Chocolatl' chilli, cacau and cornflour drink. As well as lots of fun, we developed our history skills by looking at different interpretations of the Mayan and Aztec practice of human sacrifice and examined sources for bias. 



To mark the Armistice, each class learned about the World Wars and discussed the significance of remembrance. We produced some artwork with a remembrance theme and Year 5 were very ambitious in creating our own stencils, cutting them using safety knives and painting them using spray paint. We had a few budding Banksys and the finished work contributed to a whole school remembrance display.

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2

RE Day - Hinduism October 2019


We had a whole school RE day where every year group looked at a different aspect of the Hindu religion. In Year 5 we looked at how Hindus worship, including puja. We also looked at wider aspects of Indian culture which included some Bollywood dancing and making some of our own delicious Indian sweets.

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1