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Sport Premium Reports

Participation in sport has been impacted by Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown.  However 80% of children still competed in internal sporting competitive events and 76% of children participated in external sporting events in 19-20.


PE at Wisewood

- All teachers had at least 1 full term working with specialist PE coaches to enhance their skills resulting is more confident and quality PE lessons led by teachers.

- All children received at least 1 full term working with specialist PE coaches allowing them to become more engaged and competent in PE.

- Children were taught a wide range of topics as part of the PE curriculum allowing them to experience sports they have not played before taught by specialist coaches e.g. Judo, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis



- 613 children accessed extra curricular opportunities throughout the year (some children attended more than once).

- There were a total of 14 after school clubs and 27 lunch time clubs across the year which is an average of 15 children per club.

- After school clubs were targeted towards the competition calendar which has led to some of the first successes at competitions within the school.

- We also ran a change for life club for a half term encouraging some targeted pupils to become more active

- Y6 pupils volunteered their time to run an after school club with children from KS1 for a half term.



- 176 children participated (some children attended more than once)

- 18 level 2 competitions attended throughout the year.

- The children achieved the some of the schools first successes, coming first place at a Tennis festival and winning the local Tri Golf competition. The success in the Tri Golf competition meant we qualified for our very first South Yorkshire County School Games Finals where we finished 5th.

- Success in competitions has carried on into this year with the Y5/6 Boys winning the Arches Football competition against 28 other teams.

- The Y4's have also won their first round of the School Games Basketball competition.

- Most of the competitions we have entered have been supported by either focused PE lessons or an after school club to allow the children the opportunity to learn the skills, tactics and rules of the sport they are competing in.

- Each PE topic ends with a Level 1 intra-school competition to give all children the opportunity to showcase their skills and experience competition.

- This approach has led to the children in the school developing a wider sporting skill set and enabling more children to have more confidence which in turn has led to more children being given the opportunity to compete in competitions against other schools.