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Wisewood Primary School

Aspire, Believe, Contribute


At Wisewood Primary School, we believe that through the delivery of a high quality PSHE curriculum we will equip emotionally literate children with the transferable skills needed to contribute to global citizenship. All staff recognise the complex interplay between emotional and cognitive development and that a child’s emotions impact their direct thoughts and consequently their behaviour. With this in mind we deliver PSHE to all pupils from the beginning of Foundation Stage 2 and educate the whole child intellectually, morally socially and spiritually. Our PSHE curriculum provides children with relevant and meaningful content with a strong emphasis of emotional literacy and the nurturing of mental and physical health. With an ever-changing society we aspire to empower all children regardless of their background or previous experiences to believe in their ability to positively contribute to the wider community with a robust understanding of diversity. We embed this understanding through a rich and diverse exposure to texts where children can acknowledge the core British Values and their heritage.  

We aspire to empower children and are committed to developing a culture that focuses on instilling a sense of morality to allow children to participate effectively in modern day society.  

Our curriculum is based on the aims of the National Curriculum, Jigsaw PSHE Scheme, the updated 2019 RSE guidance and the school’s ABC curriculum to enable children to: 


  • Aspire to be the best they can be with the knowledge and understanding of the opportunities within their local and wider community.  

  • Believe in themselves that they have the capabilities to achieve in a supportive and inclusive environment.  

  • Positively contribute to the physical and mental health of themselves and others.