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Wisewood Primary School

Aspire, Believe, Contribute


At Wisewood Primary School, we believe that through the delivery of a high-quality English curriculum, we will inspire children’s love of reading, writing and discussion. We enable all children to believe in their ability to clearly, accurately and coherently communicate their ideas for a range of purposes and audiences.


We aspire to empower our children to become readers and writers of the highest standard, where their creativity, individuality and writers voice can be clearly heard. We believe that through a rich and diverse expose to texts and writing experiences children will better be able to contribute to their community, society and the wider world, whilst developing a knowledge of core British values and their literary heritage.


We understand that a good grasp of English is the foundation of the entire curriculum and that children who are confident readers and writers will be empowered to succeed in all other areas.


Phonics and Early Reading


Phonics and early reading are the fundamental building blocks for success for future reading and writing.


The delivery of phonics is supported by the Read Write Inc scheme which is delivered to all children daily in Key Stage 1 and those who continue to need phonics learning in Key Stage 2:


  • Children are grouped based on their phonic knowledge and are reassessed half-termly to ensure they are making at least expected progress.
  • Books that closely match each child’s phonic stage are sent home to support the development of early reading.
  • Parent workshops are delivered throughout the year that support and develop home-school expectations and develop relationships.





Children’s love for reading is developed through daily exploration of inspirational and challenging texts accompanied by weekly visits to our school library. Rich, varied and diverse texts have been purposefully selected to promote representation and diversity, curiosity of the world around them and the key learning themes of our wider curriculum.


Wisewood children have specifically selected texts built into each year group to ensure that their experience of reading has been designed, is purposeful and fun.




Writing is taught daily. The learning is linked to the wider curriculum themes to allow children to have immersive and enriched opportunities to express themselves while developing a diverse knowledge of cultures, genres and vocabulary.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Spelling is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum and using the Rainbow Spelling Programme. This has been designed to enable children to move swiftly and confidently through the year group expectations.


Grammar and punctuation knowledge and skills are taught through the English lessons wherever possible to make the learning purposeful and relevant.





Handwriting is taught from Foundation Stage 2 where children learn how to manipulate a pencil effectively and an emphasis is placed upon correct letter formation.


Handwriting throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 is taught using the Martin Harvey scheme. It is valued and celebrated by every member of the teaching community and children are taught to take pride in their presentation regardless of the subject.




Children are given the opportunity to develop their oracy skills in every curriculum subject. Being able to confidently articulate our ideas, views and opinions is a core school value and one that is explicitly taught, modelled and practised daily. Language structures, listening and response, expression and delivery are developed from the early years.