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Year 5


Our new topic for this term is Ancient Egypt. Please find our Homework Menu for this term below (a paper copy will also be sent home):

Weston Park Museum Visit

We met the two mummies in the museum; Nesita and Djedma'at. We looked at artefacts used to protect the body in the Afterlife. We learnt about the artefacts in a tomb. We found the Shabti figures and a real scarab beetle. 

Christmas Party
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Mobile Planetarium Visit

Today our school hall was filled with this.......!


Picture 1
We had a mind boggling hour where we really felt we were in space. We saw some amazing images and learnt some awesome facts. Matt, our guide, thought our class was particularly knowledgeable about space. 
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Star constellations

After our visit we learnt about star constellations and made our own.

Welcome back!

Autumn Term - We're going to Space! 


This term we're learning all about Space and our Solar System.


We'll be writing science fiction stories and producing our own news reports on the 1969 Moon Landings. 


In Science we'll be asking questions such as:


  • What causes day and night?
  • Why do we have seasons?
  • Why does the moon seem to change shape?
  • How big is our Solar System?


We'll even have a go at making a scale model of the Solar System and turning our hands to a bit of rocket science!


We've a really exciting and interesting homework menu to go with this topic for your child to continue learning at home, you can download a copy below.

The presentation used in our reading workshop is attached below, please talk to Mrs Beard or Mr Ramsden if you'd like any extra ideas for helping your child with reading.

Reading Workshop Presentation

We hope you had a fantastic summer holiday. We can't wait to meet our new class!


We start Year 5 with a brilliant topic called Off with her head!. We will be investigating why Henry VIII had six wives. Our topic will begin with a trip to Gainsborough Old Hall where we will attend Henry VIII's banquet. Meanwhile, to tickle your taste buds, we have attached the homework menu for this half term below.

Our trip to Gainsborough Old Hall...


We had a truly engaging visit today. Thank you to Alfie's and Chris's Mums for helping Class 5. Below are some of the highlights....
Working in a Tudor kitchen.
Henry VIII’s banquet. (P.S. Our guards are deliberately looking serious!)
Tudor dancing!


Still image for this video