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Tapton School Academy Trust




In September 2015 we became eight schools – 3 secondary and five primary. Tapton, Chaucer and Forge Valley are our Secondaries and our Primaries are Southey Green, Meynell, Hillsborough, Wisewood and Hallam.


They are all linked in a shared endeavour – our mission is to provide an outstanding education to all our pupils 0 – 19. We are passionate that all our young people should see their time at school as safe, happy and fulfilling.


Our approach is founded on deeply effective partnership working – inextricably joining our schools, pupils, parents and their communities.


Our provision for pupils and parents


All Tapton School Academy Trust Schools will offer:          

  • A genuine inclusive approach which ensures the best possible attainment, progress and achievement for every pupil.
  • A broad and balanced, enriched curriculum which is delivered by consistently high quality teaching.
  • Safe and harmonious learning environments where behaviour is well managed, learning is uninterrupted and moral values are fostered.
  • Our learners develop resilience and self-reliance which offers them the skills to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in our rapidly changing world.
  • Investment in the professional development of our staff at all stages in the Trust.
  • Leadership will be secured which is able, proactive and focused on success for each school, our pupils and the wider community.




TSAT is founded on strong local partnerships, we only work within the Sheffield group of schools and are convinced that cross phase working is the very best way to secure our aims. Every Academy is non selective and our admissions are co-ordinated by Sheffield Local Authority. We work very closely with DfE, LA and the family of Sheffield Schools in order to plan strategically for our shared improvement agenda. All of our schools are founding members of Learn Sheffield, a new company operated to bring about a rapid improvement in all settings.

We value our excellent working relationships with Trade Unions. Recognition agreements are in place for all major Sheffield Unions and all TSAT Schools support union activities by paying into the facilities time agreement.


As Wisewood Primary School is part of Tapton School Academy Trust the ownership of the land and building is on a 125 year lease with the Local Authority.