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20th October 2019



We have had our first full committee meeting and decided that Mrs Zelly, Peter and I will stay on as schooI liaison, secretary and Chairperson, with Julie Mckintosh as treasurer, until our AGM in January where formal elections will be held. We had a fabulous response from you all and, at present have a further 7 members on our team; fundraising, planning and delivering events.


Our next full meeting us on the 5th of November at 2pm (all welcome), where we will discuss the running of the Christmas fair, organised by Mrs Zelly, as well as discussing any ideas for events in the near future.


Any help you can give on the day would be gratefully received.




Christmas is getting near and one way you can really support us is to log on to https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/wisewoodschoolpta/ and buy your gifts online. There are a number of retailers, including Amazon and Argos, so let's earn some money over this festive period.






One step forward is our new Facebook page. The purpose of our Facebook page is to provide an online community for parents and families at Wisewood Primary School.

However, for our page to succeed we will all need to follow certain guidlines.

Please adhere to the rules below, as misuse will lead to the closure of this page.

Community Rules
• We encourage you to ask questions and share information. We request that you keep discussions focused directly concerning our school community. 

• We encourage posts that highlight our community’s accomplishments and constructively raise issues for discussion. 

• When posting, please use appropriate language. Children can see our page.

• If you choose, you can post photos of your children at school events. Do not post photos of other children. If you have any questions about posting a particular photo, please check with the Facebook page administrator. 

• Do not post about concerns, problems, or conflicts with individual teachers, administrators, students, or parents. We will immediately delete posts that in any way put down or discriminate against individuals. 

• Online threats will be taken seriously, and proper authorities will be immediately notified. 

• Do not post information commonly understood as confidential.

• Any inflammatory statements that make allegations against individuals or organisations will be deleted. 

• Keep in mind what you post is public.

• Any advertising for businesses is not allowed. 

• Do not publish content as your own that has been created by others. 

• Add any additional elements that pertain to your specific school community. 

The PTA Facebook administrators reserve the right to delete comments and block users who are not following the rules stated above.

To join us please find us on Facebook at Wisewood Owls PTA @ Wisewood Primary.






I will update this page in a couple of weeks after our next meeting. 


Many thanks