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I love snow, but as a Headteacher it has become my worst nightmare! The decision to close the school is never, ever taken lightly. I know only too well how difficult school closure is for parents - particularly if you are still expected to get to your place of work.


When we make these decisions, we take so many factors into account. We need to ensure that we have enough staff able to get to school to maintain legal pupil to adult ratios. We need to ensure that we are not asking parents, pupils and staff to make journeys in changeable, treacherous conditions. We need to make sure that the site is fit for purpose - that ice has been cleared and that the building is warm enough for pupils and staff. As a school, we believe that we should open wherever possible but the school can only be opened if we deem that it is safe to do so.


Following discussion with Mr Fletcher, other local Headteachers and some local parents and staff, we have made the very difficult decision to close again tomorrow. The pavements and roads in the Wisewood area are not good and the forecast for further snow, high winds and low temperatures mean that the situation is unlikely to improve over night. No buses are currently running beyond Hillsborough which I know will make it challenging for parents and staff to get here -particularly as the pavements are so icy.


I know other local schools have made this decision as well. I can only apologise to you for the inconvenience this causes you. In the time I have been HT at Wisewood, we have closed very rarely and often stayed open when others have closed but I think there are two many factors against us this week. Thank you for your patience X