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Mr Lenehan's HARD Maths Quiz

When making my phone calls this week, some children said the maths on the Learning Projects is too easy and they want some challenge. crying


Here's some challenge for you! These are hard maths challenges, they require you to use logic and reasoning, the maths itself is all stuff you can do but the reasoning skills required are what make it hard. (Children in my class - remember that hotel room numbers question, all you had to be able to do was count to 1000 but the reasoning skills made it harder, they are questions like that).


 Take your time, you have all week, I'll check the answers at 8am on Monday mornings and put new questions on here. Answer what you can and put your answers on the Google form (you need a Google login I think - I want to see who got what right so I can make a league, if the Google form is a bit rubbish I'll find a better way of doing it next week). Parental help is encouraged. Good luck!



It turns out my Google Form doesn't tell me people's names so I can't make the league yet sad, you'll have to check the answers yourself. I'll try to sort it and make the league for next week. 

Mr Lenehan's HARD Maths Quiz Week 3

Quiz Week 3 on a PDF


Mr Lenehan's HARD Maths Quiz Monday 20th April 2020. Question 1 is extra hard - I couldn't do it, see if you can, the rest aren't too bad I don't think.