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Land Ahoy (Is a pirate's life for me?)

This half term our topic is called Land Ahoy! (Is a pirate's life for me?) 

We will be using this topic to investigate and research famous pirates from the past who sailed the seven seas and consider weather we would choose to be part of a pirate's crew or, if in fact their life choices may not have always been the best! 

During our topic we will:

  • Write stories about a pirate and focus on grouping our writing into paragraphs.
  • Investigate floating and sinking. How do huge ships stay afloat? can we design and build our own pirate ships based on our learning?
  • Geography- Name the oceans and seas of the world. Where would you choose to sail a ship if you were a pirate?
  • Research currant day sailors, our modern day intrepid explorers.
  • Write a non chronological report about a  fictional sea creature that a pirate may encounter.


On Friday we had a fantastic day of pirate science and investigation. We started our day experimenting with floating and sinking. We made predictions about the materials we were testing and tested each to discover their buoyancy. We had some really interesting discussions about the materials the objects that were floating are made out of and talked about how an objects size and weight impacted its ability to float. We had a tricky problem to solve with plasticine that illustrated that it's not an objects weight but more its shape that makes it float. Two of our clever scientists solved the problem and showed the rest of our group how to achieve buoyancy.

After our investigations, we used our learning to design a pirate ship that would both float and hold an amount of treasure before it began to sink. We worked really well in our teams and had a lot of high level scientific inquiry.

At the end of the day we tested our ships- every single one floated! Excellent application of learning from everyone. Finally we loaded up one of our ships with treasure and counted in grams how much it could hold before it began to sink... 360g! 

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Exploring the continuous provision activities in our classroom. The enhanced provision gives us the opportunity to explore our learning independently. This week we have been writing character descriptions in the pirate ship and weighing buried treasure. Some of our learners have been designing and building pirate ships and measuring the different features such as the mast, sails and bow of the boat.
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