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Wisewood Interim Executive Board



After the Trust conducted a Quality Assurance visit and in agreement with the Headteacher and the Chair of the LAC  the decision was made to suspend the local academy committee and implement an Interim Executive Board. Tapton School Academy Trust has appointed the board.


Purpose of the committee

The board will support the school over the coming terms to ensure that the leadership team have the capacity to make decisions and support the continuing improvement of the school.  It is made up of members of the Trust with specific skills:


David Dennis (Chair)

CEO of the Trust 

Martin Finch

Director of Primary Education

Caroline Bagley (Vice Chair)

Chair of the Trust

Chris Stewart 

Executive Headteacher


All members of this committee have voting rights.


Term of Office

The board was formed in June 2019 and will continue to meet on a six weekly basis until at least the spring term of 2020.  

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