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smiley Welcome to Foundation Stage 2! smiley

Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Leech and Miss Bud are the team working to support the learning and development of your children.  We are on hand every morning and afternoon to respond to any questions or concerns.


Foundation Stage is a fun and happy place to be, where we learn as we play. We plan all our learning around a different theme each term.

To see the type of things we will be doing for each theme, have a look at this document from Cornerstones, on which we base our planning. You can also look at the planning outside the classroom.

Our Winter/Spring walk in the woods

Jill, Cara and Vanessa came from the Children's Centre to help us learn about healthy foods.

This half term our theme is...

Will you read me a story?


This theme is all about traditional stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and many more. There will be lots of activities in the setting to get everyone involved in storytelling.

We had a visit from Anne Frost and her Little Library Van.  She came and read stories to us and we all sang songs and rhymes.




Then we had a very exciting visit from Little Red Riding Hood!

She was trying to avoid the Big Bad Wolf, so we looked after her for the day and she shared her basket of treats with us. smiley


Developing early reading skills is a key part of the learning in Foundation Stage.  The children engage in reading in a variety of ways in the setting, but it is vital that they have opportunities to read at home and also have stories read to them.

We would recommend that children share books with their grown ups every day.  Not just their reading books from school, but also books from the library, information books, comics and of course bedtime stories!

We listen to children read individually, but also share books together and read to the children every day.

Miss Bud is on hand every morning to change your child's reading book.

Here are some useful websites to support your child's learning at home: