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Why do squirrels hide their nuts?


Our theme this half term is all about the changes taking place at this time of year and how that affects the plants, trees, animals and birds.  We will be looking at autumnal changes and learning about hibernation and migration.


At the beginning of this theme, we went for a walk in the woods near school.  We collected things to make story sticks to remind us of the things we had seen.

You could have a go at making one at home.  We chose a good stick and collected five special things to fasten on to the stick using string or wool.  Here are some examples:


In Maths we have been looking carefully at numbers 1 to 5.  You could practice recognising and writing them at home.  See if you can spot them when you are out and about.  We have also been making sets of different numbers, recognising that it is the same number no matter how we arrange it.


These children are making 5s.






See if you can make different sets at home.


Have a look at different two dimensional shapes and see if you can make any of them with things you have found.  Talk about what makes it the shape it is.  How many corners does it have?  How many edges does it have?  What is it called?