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Frozen Planet

This half term our topic is called Frozen Planet. We will be investigating how animals survive and thrive in sub zero temperatures. Could you survive in the cold?

During our learning we will focus on many aspect of life in the polar regions including animals and their habitats by:

  • Writing non chronological reports
  • Creative writing (Narrative)
  • Scientific experiments and investigative studies of the cold- How do animals insulate
  • Mixed media art. Oil pastels, collage, clay, water colour and sketching
  • Research into the history of polar explorers (Robert Scott and Roald Ammundsen)
  • Geography- locating the Arctic and Antarctic on maps and the globe. Comparing these two areas and contrasting to warmer climates.


This topic is an excellent immersion into life in other parts of the world. If you have the chance you can watch the BBC documentary Frozen Planet, it is an awesome jumping off point!

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